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The best approaches to making the most of your opportunities. Tips on how to start and have a strong finish with positive results.

Sexual Attraction...

Sexual Attraction is all part of  seduction.  If it is not there initially, then one must create it by using these methods and tools.

“Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and it commands the higher price”-Jean Baudrillard“


Both men and women want romance to a degree regardless of whether they are the seducer or the seducee.  Incorporate romance into your actions.


How to have an approach to seducing your potential partner.  Going in without any plan is a plan to rely on luck.  Sometimes it works, but most times it falls short.


Seduction can mean a number of different things. In general, seduction describes the process by which one person leads another to the beginning of an intimate relationship.
When to begin this process is a crucial issue, and where a lot of men and women make mistakes. Starting too early or too late, or in the wrong situation (e.g., a dance club) can hurt your chances. Seduction is a learnable and repeatable skill that with practice can result in successful partnerships.

In these first basic rules we will address this from a male point of view, but all steps can be applied to women in their seduction of men (or women as the case may be)


Some basic rules of Seduction

Don’t try seduction too early: Don’t escalate beyond kissing until you have been given strong hints of acceptance.  This will usually take at least 3 hours (there are exceptions, of course, especially with alcohol). Studies show that most women’s resistance to physical intimacy starts to disappear after she has spent about 3 hours with a man (this can be over more than one meeting) and usually disappears completely after 6 hours.

Don’t try seduction too late: If you spend more than 10 hours with a woman without beginning physical intimacy, you may have already lost your chances to seduce her. She may have grown so comfortable and used to your presence in a non-physical way that the introduction of intimacy may seem unnatural and weird to her. Ever have a woman tell you “let’s just be friends” when you’ve finally built up your courage to make a move? That’s probably what happened. If you wait too long to seduce her, you become her buddy, not her lover. 

Location, location, location: Yes, you can turn on a woman as soon as you meet her, but can be self-defeating if you want to build a relationship with her. Say you meet a woman in a dance club, seduce her and you get hot and heavy in a corner, with hands going where they shouldn’t. Well, you can’t finish the job in a club, can you? (Well, you can, but that shouldn’t be your basic strategy). Her friends will be highly unlikely to let her leave with you, and she won’t want to feel “easy” in front of them. So you get her phone number and call her later. Well, when you call her, she’s no longer feeling sexy from being all dressed up with a few drinks in a club with all the attention. All she may remember about you is the seduction and sexual behavior you two shared, so she assumes that’s what you’re after. She might even feel embarrassed about going so far with a guy she doesn’t know in a public space. Your odds of ever seeing her again are much lower than if you’d done this properly and worked things out in a better location and setting.

When to use Seduction

Save the seduction and physical escalation for when you are in a place where you can push it further. Wait until you’re alone, in private, at someone’s house or a hotel. Then escalate slowly, confidently, and comfortable. Like driving a car – don’t start in 4th gear, but let the seduction gain momentum gradually.  

Check out some of the strategies and techniques we offer in the rest of our site…and GOOD LUCK!

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