7. When you say you are going to call or visit, do it.  Being prompt and reliable develops trust

and secures the relationship.  

8. Don’t lose contact with you own friends or keep your partner from theirs.  Socialization outside of a relationship makes each other more interesting.

9. Treat the other exactly how you would like to be treated.

10. Do NOT…ever look at another when on a date. It’s rude, disrespectful and can hurt her feelings. Exception to this rule is if this has become something you both do together…people watching is a great sport sometimes.

11. Do not…ever use the time-of-the-month crack for any reason. There could be many reasons besides her ‘period’ to explain her moody or bitchy behavior. For women, don’t use the “being a typical man” comment when he is in a bad mood.

12. Be aware of the others “hot buttons”.  Try not to antagonize

the other for any reason.  This is especially true when you

are having a serious discussion.

4. Tasting. Women love to be fed all kinds of wonderful things like strawberries, sweets, and desserts. This is not to say that a good glass of wine, specialty drink or even a few shots can hurt either. But remember, you are seeking seduction, not to get her drunk…or him.

5. Sight. While generally women are not turned on by sight, most women love to look into your eyes. This kind of ultra-romantic stuff is a huge turn-on for most women. Look into her eyes as much as possible as your hands move with subtle determination.

6. Kissing. Kissing is the best kind of touching. Our lips have tons of nerve endings in them, which is why contact with our lips feels good. Make kissing an experience instead of jumping right in with your tongue! Lightly brush her lips with yours and then pull away. Keep doing this 'brushing' contact, and you will excite the nerve ending on both of your lips. Play with your lips lightly and gently. Remember when you were learning to drive? One of the first things you learn is - don't gun the engine while its cold! Well kissing is just like that! Warn it up and let the intensity slowly increase.


Approaches of seduction for men (to a woman partner)
 Dr. Hans Rauk, PHD

Ever notice how women talk about “making love” and men talk about “having sex”?' That kind of hits the nail on the head when it comes to how women and men approach sex. Women are more complex than men and require a more complicated experience to become aroused and take longer. Men are pretty direct when it comes to sex -- they are aroused easily, usually by visual stimulation, what they see.  While that sounds simple, (and it is!) if you are going to improve your sexual technique, you must keep it in mind constantly. So lets have a look at this 'more complicated experience,' and see what we can learn.

Women enjoy sex with more of their senses, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. Notice that I did NOT say sight. Women are aroused by sight as well as the other senses, but this is secondary. Women love things like ‘taking your time’, ‘anticipation’, and ‘foreplay’ because they make the experience richer and involve more senses.

Lets look some effective approaches…

1. Hearing. Women love to hear romantic sensual things. Notice that is sensual not sexual language. Women love to hear you describe your feelings. Men are more direct and want to hear things like, "you are so big" or “you are so strong”. Women like to hear things like, "your skin is so soft" or “I love the way you feel”.

2. Touching. Women love to be touched and stroked. Stroking, cuddling, and touching is all great stuff that arouses women. Stroke her lightly with the tips of your fingers up and down her body, avoiding sexual areas. There will be lots of time for that later! Build up tension and anticipation.

3. Smelling. This could be scented candles or incense. Women love smelling and being smelled. Cologne and a clean fresh presence can make a big difference.See the page on SEXUAL ATTRACTION to get more insight into the power of SCENT!

The dirty dozen details

As a quick summary, here are 12 important things that you need to be aware of to get (and keep) the girl/guy of your dreams. Whether you’re on the prowl or already on a date, if you apply these rules you will increase your chances of getting women to be more interested in you. Keep your eyes on the prize, pay attention to details and be assertive.

1. Be honest about your feelings. Don’t string anyone along just for sex if you have no intentions for an emotional commitment. Unless that’s all the other person wants as well, but you need to make sure everyone’s intentions are beforehand.

2. Make an effort to get along with their friends and family, as difficult as that can be sometimes.

3. Always listen to what the other person has to say. Hearing and listening are two different things.  If you listen rather than talk you will be amazed at how effective that is to create attractiveness.

4. Paying attention to your partner’s daily life shows them they are important and special. Always s ask hoe the day went and what plans they have.

5. As follow-up, buy her flowers, candy, cards, etc. to make her feel loved and wanted. Even very simple things like a single flower or a cheap trinket shows you have her on your mind.  This works for either sex with gender adjustments of course.  Then again, some guys do like flowers.

6. Compliment them on their clothes, hair and how sexy they looks. Don’t be obvious or overly complimentary.  Just enough to show you notice.