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How can we harness these human pheromones to enhance our appeal to the opposite sex? We are always releasing these powerful and mysterious chemicals into the air, but sometimes with little or no effect. Naturally these phonemes are very subtle and often overwhelmed by perfume, cologne or body odor. Luckily, human pheromones can be recreated and captured in a bottle. If you would like to increase your pheromone scent, you can use a scientifically engineered pheromone concentrate. The most effective formulated pheromones come in oils with Androstenone pheromones. These products may come as a perfume or cologne. Many men and women have used pheromone oils and reported a significant increase in attention from members of the opposite sex. Think of bottled pheromones as sex appeal in a bottle, and allow them to enhance your self-confidence.  I have often suggested these products for men and women who have felt they needed that extra boost in attraction.

Appealing to the opposite sex does not have to be all charm any longer. Human pheromones are nature's way of sending out signals to the opposite sex. While not a total replacement for pick-up lines or clever tactics for getting his or her attention, you can increase your chances dramatically! Strengthen your pheromone scent with chemicals that can be bought and worn for increased sex appeal. The next time you go out on the town looking for some action, apply pheromones to increase your chances of attracting and sexually exciting the opposite sex

Pheromones - Nature’s Sex Weapon!
Dr. Hans Rauk, PHD

Smells, no matter how subtle are one of the most powerful natural forces on human beings. Imagine being able to suddenly be more appealing to the opposite sex by adding a natural scent. Is it possible to actually affect the way the opposite gender responds to you? Yes, it is and human pheromones are nature's way of sending a subtle, but powerful message to the opposite sex (Men AND Women). Pheromones are hormonal aromatic substances released by all human beings, and there are ways of harnessing this powerful scent for your own benefit. Yes there is such a thing as a “Love Potion”.

In the nature, pheromones are chemicals popularly known for their ability to attract members of the same animal species, and most often of the opposite sex. These pheromones are actually scents that animals recognize and use to communicate with one another. This aromatic scent causes sexual arousal and will lead an animal to seek out another of its kind for mating purposes. We are not unlike animals in such that human beings are also attuned to sex pheromones, which accounts for the reason why individuals are attracted to one another. Many scientific studies have proven that scent is a powerful sexual stimulant. Scientific studies have actually shown that subject who used synthesized pheromones had sex more often. Scent also has the unique ability to trigger memory and motivate behavior and mood. If you have ever found yourself inexplicably drawn to another person, sex pheromones may be just the reason.