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Here are the seven secrets to romance chemistry

Learn to unleash the power of environment in your romance

Secret One: Make sure the situation and timing is right.  Make sure you have enough time, you have the privacy and both of you are in the right frame of mind.  Every advantage you have can be defeated if you do not have the situation in hand first.

Secret Two: Use sensual scents—fill the room with the sweet smell of your lover’s favorite fragrance. Appealing to your lover’s sense of smell is a sure-fire way of stimulating the chemicals of romance.  Silly things like incense, scented candles or even cologne do make a difference.

Secret Three: Use romantic music, appeal to your lover’s sense of hearing. Cuddle with soft music playing in the background. Playing your lover’s favorite love song will greatly enhance the romantic mood. Keep the loudness down so you can talk in low voices and provide continuity to the mood you are setting.

Secret Four: Use seductive lighting, appeal to your lover’s sense of sight. A romantic experience is greatly enhanced with the right lighting. A candlelit room or a room with the lights down low conveys a warmth and softness that is perfect for romance. Even a single lamp in the opposite corner of a room can provide shadows and ambient lighting that can work well in most situations.

Strategic Romance & Chemisty...

Dr. Hans Rauk, PHD

What is Romance Chemistry? It’s a scientific approach to seduction that reveals how to unleash the natural chemicals in the body. Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone you just met? Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Had a exciting sensation that there is something special going on between you and another person? If yes, then you have experienced the powerful effects of romance chemistry. When you are in a heightened state of arousal your body releases powerful chemicals that produce a state of euphoria.

The three most potent chemicals produced are oxytocin; it makes you feel intense desire for the person you’re with. Phenylethylamine gives you a sense of total satisfaction and endorphins produces feelings of heightened pleasure. There is also the natural presence of pheromones.

Secret Five: Use soft fabrics, appeal to your lover’s sense of touch. The feel of silk, velvet or other natural fabrics caressing the skin enhances moments of passion—the erotic sensations are almost orgasmic.

Secret Six: Use erotic foods like chocolate that appeals to your lover’s sense of taste. Chocolate has an ingredient that releases endorphins in the brain causing a sense of pure pleasure. Feeding your lover pieces of chocolate is a powerful way of getting those chemicals flowing.

Secret Seven: Intimate conversation is vital to romance chemistry. Stimulate your lover with mental imagery. Whisper words of love between sensual kisses. This is a powerful way to instantly set romantic feelings ablaze. This is different than “talking dirty”.  It is drawing pictures with words that will draw your target into the moment.

The seven secrets to unleashing the chemicals of romance are an effective approach that when used correctly and with subtleness.  Done with some measure of skill it can ignite the flames of intense passion and desire in your lover. Try it and good luck!